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Critical Conditions: How New York's Unconstitutional Abortion Law Jeopardizes Women's Health

A comprehensive report on this issue in New York prepared by the New York Civil Liberties Union. Covers much of what this website does, but in more detail, and written by lawyers. 

Coverage of Abortion in Select U.S. Newspapers

The study conducted by ANSIRH analyzes news coverage of abortion in the United States. The findings of the study:

“Most of the time abortion appears in the news, it is merely mentioned, rather than discussed substantively. Abortion is covered as a political issue more than a health issue. The personal experiences of people who get abortions are present in only 4% of the sample, and language personifying the fetus appears more often than women's abortion stories.”

The Safety and Quality of Abortion Care in the United States

An exhaustive study on the safety of abortion in the US from the National Academy of Scientists. Spoiler Alert: It's Safe. 

Who Seeks Abortions at or After 20 Weeks? 

Part of a larger study, the Turnaway Study, which looked at the effects of unintended pregnancy on women's lives, this study focuses on who sought and received an abortion after 20 weeks. The bottom line: bans on abortion after 20 weeks mostly affect young women with limited financial resources.  Note that this study does not include women seeking an abortion for fetal anomalies or life endangerment. 

The Cost of Complacency About Roe

The New York Times Editorial Board did a nine-part series on the rise of fetal personhood laws in the US and the attending deterioration of the rights of pregnant persons. You should read the whole series, every word.

One part focused on New York’s abortion law, and on our story.